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Blue by ccayco
by ccayco

Your style is very good, the shading and coloration of both your character and Pokémon are wonderfully designed and crafted, I myself f...



My third Undecided Sylveon Design by Magic-Lover2128
My third Undecided Sylveon Design
This is the design I thought was lost but I recovered it, hope you like it.
My second Undecided Sylveon design by Magic-Lover2128
My second Undecided Sylveon design
This was made after thinking of how the colours of the regular form were a bit too bright and light in colour so I made this one with more vibrant and noticible colours but still keeping with the original design yet having a slight punch in looks.
I need reviews, as I have not a lot and need feedback from you all.
Alternate Elucidator by Magic-Lover2128
Alternate Elucidator
I made this as an idea for someone to use if they wanted a different styled SAO sword for an OC of theirs on any Fanfiction story to do with the anime.
I recently began reading and watching the Fairy Tail Anime/Manga and have decided to make my own OC character that I will put in and use as the main character in a Fairy Tail Fanfiction that I will put up in the near future, here is what I have put down, also I changed it slightly as I made him a friend and potential boyfiend to Lucy along with the fact that I am adding a few things and swapping things about plus I may change things as I go along as you may see as you read it or have read it previously:

Personal Information:-

Name: Tidus [Pronounced -Tieduss/Tyduss] Grimmond.

Heritage Origins: Half Edolasian & Half Earthlandian.

Nickname/Alias/Title: The Warrior Summoner.

Sex: Male

Age: 20 at beginning or younger during flashback chapters but about 27 after time-skip.

Physical Appearance: Fairly tall, about 6'2 with very dark brown messy hair that is partially long and hanging just past his ears. Hazel Eyes with handsome features of a well groomed person like clean shaven skin with a little faint tan and trimmed eyebrows along with a face that shows joy and laughter on his face, he is well muscled but not like a big weight lifter (more like an athletic build like a swimmer or gymnast). He later gains a Silver coloured Fairy Tail Mark on his Left Hand and a small scar on his left cheekbone (either after the Timeskip, Phantom Lord Arc or Tower of Heaven Arc) which he keeps as he likes it.

Accessories: He wears a loose White Shirt, a Black Leather padded jacket, Black and White fingerless Gloves, Dark Blue Trousers (Denim or Suit Trousers) a swirling rainbow pendant hanging from a red chained necklace, a Silver Pocket Watch in his jacket pockets along with a Bag of Money (Jewel) strapped to his Grey Belt near his large ring of keys and pouch (Similar to the one Lucy has but is made of Black Leather and not brown with the symbol of a white Fairy Tail symbol stitched onto it) and pair of shoes (Either wears Black and Navy heavy boots or simple red and black laced shoes).

Personality: A kind, intelligent and caring individual with a lot of courage and good standards but has a hidden perverted side of which he hides very well behind his mask of calm or gentle expressions. Is not easy to anger but when he is he can be very terrifying and unmerciful to his enemies or targets, also is slightly mischievous from time spent with Sun Wukong (of whom was one of his first Keys and Celestial Spirit he ever had) as he makes small pranks and likes to joke around (especially with Team Natsu and other Fairy Tail members).

Personal Non-Magical Talents: Is a polymath of many subjects like music, art and literature while being quite proficient in those aspects as he loves to listen and play music, read many books and works of fiction along with being a very good artist (mostly self portraits and other small works). Also is a fairly proficient combatant in combat of a non magical nature.

Likes/Loves: Protecting others he cares about (Mostly Lucy), Spending time with his Celestial Spirits and training with them along with learning from them, Fairy Tail Guild and most of it's members, loves Lucy unconditionally and will do anything to protect her.

Dislikes/Hates: People and others upsetting Lucy, harming her or speaking bad of her or Fairy Tail and Those who are extremely cruel, arrogant or sadistic to good and noble people like the many members of Fairy Tail and other Guilds, how Lucy's father treats Lucy like a tool or nuisance.

History: He is Lucy Heartfilia's Childhood friend whose mother was friends with her Mother (Layla Heartfilia) and is the only friend of Lucy as a child and preteen, he is also the only person who shows Lucy any kindness or comfort for Lucy growing up with her cold and un-compassionate father and loneliness after her mother dies, he is a traveling Mage who is affiliated but not a member of the many Guilds of Earthland but always visits Lucy on her birthday and other special occasions or when he is nearby, after he hears of Lucy joining Fairy Tail he decides to join as well so as to keep an eye on her and look after her better by protecting her along with teaching her to become stronger and a better Mage, he takes the S Class Exam at the same time that Natsu, Gray and Lucy does and is transported to Edolas with them where he keeps his magic due to his unique heritage but soon learns that his mother was in fact related to the Royal Family (she was the queens sister) and in fact was believed to have died in an accident where her body vanished and leaving her nephew (Jellal of Edolas) heartbroken at the loss of his favorite relative besides his mother.

Members :- History

Mother - Alanna Grimmond nee Marie (pronounced: Maree) and formerly of Edolas who was transported when she was in her late teens early twenties by Anima where she was found and helped by a small family that helped the poor women when they realised she was not from their world, after some explanations of course, and gave her a last name (theirs) when they realised that she had forgotten her last name for some unknown reason, soon after she left the family to travel and journey in this new land that was similar but not the same as her own world, whereupon she met and fell in love with a wizard from Fairy Tail.

Father - Tristan Grimmond (deceased), formally a wizard of Fairy Tail who left to retire with his wife, of whom he met while coming back from Fairy Tail and not long after fell in love with, to raise a family together (he was a Earth Magic Wizard and quite a proficient one too) which soon happened after his son was born, Tidus who was named after an ancestor of Tristan's who was a extremely powerful Water Mage, Tristan died of a vengeful dark guild attack that was nearly wiped out by him; whose surviving members had ambushed and killed him, leaving him to die and his 3 year old son who along with his mother were forced to flee and find a safe haven lest they be tracked by said guild.

Godmother - Layla Heartfilia (now deceased), she met Alanna when the woman was on the run with her son and looking for safety and so Layla begged her husband to help them which he reluctantly did, soon after both women became the best of friends to each other and was soon made godmother of Tidus where Alanna was made godmother of Lucy after she was born, Layla also gave them a small house to live on in the grounds of the estate and the job of caring for the gardens of the entire estate (with the other staff members helping of course) and babysitting Lucy when both Layla and her husband had to attend parties and other social functions for her husbands business ventures and contracts to his company.

Cousin - Jellal of Edolas, not much is known about the relationship of the two people (Tidus and Jellal) as they did not interact much with each other during their lives.

Magic and Combat Information -

Magic Name/Title: Celestial Spirit Magic, Ring Magic, Sword Magic & Requip

Magic Category: Holder Type and Caster Type

Magic Description: He is able to summon 12 extremely powerful Celestial Spirits to help him in combat situation or when he is facing a difficult problem, he can also summon various magical weapons to his side and lastly he can use elemental magic rings to help him in close combat with enemies.

List of Magic Techniques:-

Celestial Spirit Magic: Celestial Spirit Magic Key Incantations -

1. Unlocking Incantation - "Open, Gate of the Rat! Ninjato!"
2. Unlocking Incantation - "Open, Gate of the Ox! Oushi!"
3. Unlocking Incantation - "Open, Gate of the Tiger! Tigress & Tygro!"
4. Unlocking Incantation - "Open, Gate of the Rabbit! Lola!"
5. Unlocking Incantation - "Open, Gate of the Dragon! Bahamut!"
6. Unlocking Incantation - "Open, Gate of the Serpent! Venomia!"
7. Unlocking Incantation - "Open, Gate of the Centaurette! Eowyn!"
8. Unlocking Incantation - "Open, Gate of the Sheep! Pan!"
9. Unlocking Incantation - "Open, Gate of the Monkey! Sun Wukong!"
10. Unlocking Incantation - "Open, Gate of the Rooster! Cockcrow!"
11. Unlocking Incantation - "Open, Gate of the Dog! Inubus!"
12. Unlocking Incantation - "Open, Gate of the Boar/Pig! Hamutai!"
13. Unlocking Incantation - "Open, Gate of the Noble Cat! Baron!"
14. Unlocking Incantation - "Open, Gate of the Ninja Terrapin Clan! The Turtles!"
15. Unlocking Incantation - "Open, Gate of the Dragon Duo! Mushu/Toothless!"

Sword Magic:

Crescent Wave: The swordsman spins as he uses his duel water swords (
Leviathan & Kraken) to create a flying blade of crescent shaped water towards his target.

Phoenix Wing: The swordsman heaves his sword (
Chernabog) downward to create a flying projectile of flame that soon takes the shape of a Phoenix in flight as it brings heavy fire magic upon the target.

Firestorm: The swordsman swings his sword which creatures a ball of fire that he launches at his opponent but then the ball explodes at the targets feet and creates a semi large circle of fire on the floor which then soon erupts into 6 pillars of flame that, after appearing for a moment, are pulled inwards towards the opponent who is standing in the centre of the circle and soon after a massive expulsion of flame erupts when the pillars simultaneously hit their target, causing heavy damage to the opponent.

Burning Cut: The swordsman channels fire energy along the blade that causes massive pain and burns when an opponent is struck with the blade.

Eternal Winter: The swordsman creates a wave of freezing magical energy that creates ice and snow in the surrounding area with a swing of his sword (Avalanche) and can make an opponent become a frozen statue if hit with this attack.

Frost Spire: The swordsman creates giant sharp icicles that either traps an opponent in a closed off icicle cage or can skewer an opponent with deadly charp icicles that rise put of the ground, both are possible when the user stabs the sword into the ground which has a side effect of making the entire floor turn into a ice rink (Basically a Ice version of the *Earth's Judgement* attack).

Blades of Wind: The swordsman channels his power into his blade (Typhoon) and then draws the sword in a circle in front of him which creates 12 after images of wind magic that take the shape of the sword, this is useful in dealing with multiple swordsman or other weapon holders as you can command the swords to defend you while you take out your opponents or send them outwards and have the wind swords to attack your opponents.

Cutting Winds: The user summons a second blade as he then swings his swords in a spiralling arc that creates a deadly whirlwind of air that acts like a tornado of wind blades that can cut an opponent to ribbons or heavily damage one large opponent, it can be sent horizontally or vertically with the will of the attacker.

Zeus's Punishment:
The swordsman thrusts his sword (Bronte) forward as he channels his power into it which soon creates a bolt of lightning that fires upon the opponent in a torrent of powerful electricity that can paralyse, severely burn or even kill an opponent in a single hit.

Judgement: The swordsman stabs the sword (Terra) into the ground and pushes his power into the earth itself and creates massive Stalactites and Stalagmites that either trap or skewer your opponents (useful for a massive offence againsts a considerable amount of opponents) with the sharp horn shaped Earth creations.

Critical Impact: The swordsman jumps into the air and charges magical energy into his sword which he then slams into the ground in a hammer like fashion, this creates a massive shockwave of earth that ripples outwards from the centre of where they have struck the sword and can be very damaging to many opponents as they either become buried under the force and amount of earth and rock or are crushed by the power of it.

Yin/Yang Blade: The swordsman uses both or either of his swords (Cosmos or Chaos) to deal massive damage of Dark or Light Magic with a single strike of either or both swords.

White Haste: The swordsman channels light energy into his weapon and soon becomes extremely fast and nimble with his attacks, he starts with light energy surrounding his body and changing his blade (Cosmos) into a reverse grip and begins slashing repeatedly at his opponent which then after at least 10 or 12 swings he does a flying sword thrust that goes through his opponent and ends up with the person's target behind him and possibly in pain for the attack, he then spins round and repeats the first set of moves he did before until he does a final supercharge of light energy which makes his attack speed double as he continues slashing and cutting at his foe until he releases all of the charged energy in a upward swing of his sword that creates 5 cutting blades of light that head straight towards the opponent or target.

Black Haste: The alternate Dark Magic version of '
White Haste' except the swordsman rushes the target with blinding fast sword lunges and attacks made of darkness as a black and purple outlined aura surrounds the user as he begins the attack and it disappears after he finishes the set of attacks.

Ring Magic Techniques:

Esuna's Spells: Cure (Low level healing spell), Cura (Medium level healing spell) & Curaga (High level healing spell).

Millennial's Spells: Stop (Low level time spell that only stops one target in time for a few seconds or 1 minute), Stopra (Medium level time spell that can only freeze up to 6 targets in time for 3 minutes), Stopga (High level time spell that only stops up to 12 or 24 targets in time for a a full 10 minutes).

Luca & Esuna's Spell Combo: Heavens Divine Light - A most powerful healing spell that can completely heal a person from any injury, disease or affliction (A combination of Light & Healing magic from both rings used together).

Luca & Graviton's Spell Combo: Holy Fairy - A spell that allows the user to fly in the air with the help of Light made Wings like that of a Fairies (they are much like the Sylph wings from Alfhiem Online in SAO except they are Gold coloured).

Luca, Ventus & Millennial's Spell Combo: Lightspeed - A spell that allows the user to become extremely fast and agile until they are unable to be seen by the naked eye as they are going so fast (think the Flash from DC or The Pokémon Move 'Extremespeed' and you'll get the idea), the use of time magic assistance slows everything else down and make it seem like he is faster than everyone while the other two magics help with his speed increase to cover up any negatives with this spell technique.

Gaia's Spells: Iron Body - The ultimate spell in physical defence, the user manipulates the Earth rings power to the highest degree of defence and power as the entire bodies skin changes to a black metallic like substance that is near invulnerable to damage or harm toward the user (a combination of Tekkai and Armament Haki from One Piece).

Luca & Thor's Spell Combo: Thunder Whip - The best spell in capturing foes as it uses the hard light powers of the light ring to become unbreakable while the lightning ring causes mild pain and parlysation when struck with it or heavy pain when more lightning is channeled through it, useful for tying foes up or as a long range weapon that is used much like Lucy's whip. 

Malchior's Spells: Phantom Cloak - The best spell in hiding and stealth as it shrouds the user in a long veil or cloak of shadows and darkness that makes sure to be undetectable to many scrying or detection magics, the power comes out of the dark ring that begins as a cloud of dark black smoke then completely covers the user until they cannot be seen, best used when there are shadows about and places the person can hide (does not muffle sound very much so the person must wear something that will make not so much noise).

Close Combat Ring MMA (Magical Martial Arts) Techniques:

Hundred Fold Stone Fist: A powerful punch that can send an opponent flying backwards with great force, this move can knock out weaker opponents also (It is used with the Magic from the Earth Ring and the persons own physical strength).

Flaming Axe Kick: A powerful flame induced kick that is used with the heel of his foot (is used with the Magic from the Fire Ring to add extra power).

Thousand Fold Stone Fist: A much more powerful punch that is capable of killing an opponent with one hit (it is the stronger version of the 
Hundred Fold Stone Fist Attack and uses the same method of power as the less powerful move).

Back Foot Jawbreaker: A inner sole kick that can break, shatter or severely dislocate persons lower jaw (they must be directly underneath their opponent for this attack to work).

Power Palm: A strong palm strike that causes an explosion when it connects to an opponent or object (a mix of the Earth, Fire and Light Ring Magic with the earth powers strengthening the body to use the attack without recoil and the light power to solidify the palms striking power with hard light and the fire for the combustibility).

Sea Surface Splitter: A chopping powerful move that can literally split a large body of water in half or cause lakes, rivers, ponds and even the ocean in to be split twain (used with a combination of the Earth, Air and Water Rings to make it possible).

Force Punch: A delayed yet devastating attack that uses air pressure and the water in surrounding atmosphere as a shockwave that can take out a large group of foes in one blast (uses the Air and Water Rings as a focus for this attack) or knock one very large foe out with it.

Rising Mountain: A devastating uppercut punch that can send an opponent flying upwards, making them either unconscious or in extreme pain from being hit on the chin with this punch (uses the Earth Ring to accomplish the necessary power for the punch).

Poseidon's Spear: A supremely powerful move that creates a spear of solid water that can punch straight through sold structures or destroy the strongest of armours (uses the Water Ring to create this attack) when it is thrown towards its target.

Defence Palm: A useful and powerful defensive move that can stop an attack immediately 
dead on, useful for stopping blunt weapons and Magical energy attacks (uses a combination of Earth, Air and Light Magic from said rings, Earth for helping with the stopping power and recoil, Air for cushioning the blow so that it is more capable of being blocked and Light for protecting the palm and whole arm from being harmed by the attack that they are defending from).

Tornado Kick: A powerful kicking move that creates a blade of wind from the force and way that they are kicking in conjunction with the Wind Rings power over the air.

Ice Fists: The user coats their hands in a light cover of ice or snow that can freeze objects of people on contact (used from a combination of the Wind and Water rings).

Sun Bomb: A useful and slightly powerful attack that releases hot floating spheres of intense heat and flame, they can hone in on a target no matter where they run to (it is used with the power of the Fire and Gravity rings) and still hit them (based on the Fire Spell used in Kingdom Hearts 1).

Dark Claws: A deadly and painful attack (to the opponent) that creates long claws of black coloured magic over the persons hands of which can cause intense pain and fatigue towards the opponent (uses the Dark Ring to do this plus it is based on the Move Shadow Claw from Pokémon) if hit with them. 

Guild: Fairy Tail (Formerly Independent Mage and of employ of the Heartfilia family and estate).

Weapons: The weapons used in his Requip Magic, Celestial Spirit Magic and Ring Magic are:-

I. Re-quip Magic Swords: Magical Swords that use the Elements as their main power source, they are:-

Leviathan & Kraken - Two duel swords that allows him to use water magic in his attacks, both look like Caladbolg from FFX & X-2 used by Tidus but one has the Gold coloured parts of the sword are replaced by dark blue colours while the other Gold coloured parts are replaced with Teal coloured parts.

Chernabog - A two handed great sword that allows him to use fire magic and absorb fire magic attacks into the sword therefore rendering fire magic attacks against him useless, looks like Caladbolg but the version from FFIX (Final Fantasy 11).

Avalanche: A ice powered and attributed version of '
Chernabog' which uses ice instead of fire as attacks, is the same style and shaped look as Caladbolg from FFIX (Final Fantasy 11) except it is white and a icy blue colour weapon.

Typhoon - A one handed sword that allows him to use wind magic and air abilities to enhance the cutting power of this blade, looks like the wind blade from Fire Emblem but the parallel wing shaped guard of the blade is green instead of blue, he can also summon a second sword that is the same as the first to increase the power of his attacks.

Terra - A massive one or two handed single edged blade that allows him to cause earthquakes or create giant Stalagmites and Stalactites made of hard rock and stone or large earth spires when stabbed into the ground or channel the crushing power of an earthquake onto an opponent if it connects with their own weapon (possibly destroying their weapon in the process) or themselves (possibly killing them also), Looks like Auron's Katana 1/Ashura from FFX but now has a fitting nondescript sheath for it which is placed on the persons back. 

Bronte - A double edge blade that can be wielded either with one or two hands, the blade uses Lightning Magic of which also allows a boost in speed and agility when holding this sword and it is immune to lightning type attacks and can also nullify another's lightning magic or absorb the power of a offensive lightning spell into the blade, it looks like a mix of Ragnell and Alondite from Fire Emblem with the blade of Ragnell (The Smash Bros version) but the guard, handle and pommel of Alondite except the gems are a very light blue, almost white colour instead of being green.

Cosmos & Chaos - Two Katana's of Dark and Light Magic that can be wielded either separately with both hands or together in each hand, both use their elements of magic in combat as Chaos can cause deadly harm to an opponent when struck or cut by it while Cosmos can blind and confuse opponents with its light attacks and become indestructible when in its Hard Light mode, They both look like two of Roronoa Zoro's Katana's from One Piece, mainly Shuishi (Chaos) and Wado Ichimonji (Cosmos).

II. Magic Rings: Use special rings (only in fights when he wishes to fight in either hand to hand combat or is unable to use his swords or weapons) that hold different types of magic (mostly elemental magic) to help him in fights against other Mage's which are:-

Luca - A Light Magic ring, that is the same as Loke's 'Regulus' ring, of which allows him to use and form Constructs or attacks of Pure Light, is made of a golden metal like material and has a White gem as the jewel of the ring with a gold star symbol stamped on the jewel.

Neptune - A Water Magic Ring that allows him to use, produce and control water to his will as well as protecting him and granting him immunity to harmful Water spells, is made from a blue metallic material with a light blue gem as the stone of the ring with a teal coloured trident stamped on the gem.

Ifrit - A Fire Magic Ring that allows him to use, produce and control fire to his will as well as protecting him and granting him immunity to harmful Fire spells, the ring is made out of a dark red metallic material with a bright red jewel on it and the picture of a orange flame symbol stamped on the gem

Ventus - A Air/Wind Magic Ring that allows to him use, produce and control Air/Wind to his will as well as protecting him and granting him immunity to harmful Air/Wind spells, the ring is made of a dark green like metal with a Jade coloured jewel on it with a symbol of a white Twister stamped on it. 

Gaia - A Earth Magic Ring that allows him to use, produce and control Earth to his will as well as protecting him and granting him immunity from harmful Earth spells along with strengthening his body to be as hard as the most resilient and dense of stones, his ring is made of a dark brown almost muddy coloured metal with a large Amber coloured stone jewel on it with a symbol of a Orange mountain stamped on the gem.

Graviton - A Gravity Magic Ring that allows him to use produce and control Gravity to his will as well as protecting him and granting him immunity to harmful Gravitational spells, the ring is made of a dark pink metal with a Violet Gem (much like amethyst) and a picture of a swirling silver galaxy stamped on the jewel.

Thor - A Thunder/Lightning Magic Ring that allows him to use produce and control Thunder/Lightning to his will as well as protecting him and granting him immunity to harmful spells of that nature, the ring is a light yellow metal (more like brass than gold) with a Dark Yellow gem (maybe Yellow Topaz or something like that) and a picture of a white lightning bolt stamped on the jewel.

Esuna - A Healing Magic Ring that allows the user to cast and perform healing type magics, the ring is of a bright green metal with a forest green gem attached to it with the symbol of a Turquoise Leaf stamped on it.

Millennial - A Time Magic Ring that allows the user to cast and perform Time manipulation type magics, the ring is made of a white metal with the gem being of a grey colour with a silver Clock symbol stamped on it.

Malchior - A Dark Magic Ring that allows him to use produce and control Darkness and Shadows to his will as well as protecting him and granting him immunity from harmful spells of that nature, The ring is of a Black metal with the jewel being of similar colour with the symbol of a Dark Purple Eye stamped on it.

III. Celestial Spirit Magic Keys: Use Black Keys to summon Spirits based on the Chinese Zodiac who are called the Ancient Celestial Spirits and are Black instead of Gold, as opposed to Lucy Heartfilia's Gold Keys and Spirits based on the Latin/Greek Zodiac, and Silver Keys for minor spirits (he only has one or two of them) :-

1. The Rat Key Design - A ornate Black Key with a Black Rat Symbol etched on the white Gem on the bow of the key with the teeth of the key in the shape of the Kanji for the Animal it belongs to ().
2. The Ox Key Design: A ornate Black Key with a Blue Ox Symbol etched on the white Gem on the bow of the key with the teeth of the key in the shape of the Kanji for the Animal it belongs to ().
3. The Tiger Key Design: A ornate Black Key with Swirling Split Roaring Black and Orange Tigers as the Symbol etched on the white Gem on the bow of the key with the teeth of the key in the shape of the Kanji for the Animal it belongs to (虎).
4. The Rabbit Key Design: A ornate Black Key with a Pink Rabbit as the Symbol etched on the white Gem on the bow of the key with the teeth of the key in the shape of the Kanji for the Animal it belongs to ().
5. The Dragon Key Design: A ornate Black Key with A Silver Dragon as the Symbol etched on the white Gem on the bow of the key with the teeth of the key in the shape of the Kanji for the Animal it belongs to ().
6. The Snake Key Design: A ornate Black Key with A Purple Snake as the Symbol etched on the white Gem on the bow of the key with the teeth of the key in the shape of the Kanji for the Animal it belongs to ().
7. The Horse Key Design: A ornate Black Key with A Brown Horse as the Symbol etched on the white Gem on the bow of the key with the teeth of the key in the shape of the Kanji for the Animal it belongs to ().
8. The Sheep Key Design: A ornate Black Key with A Green Sheep as the Symbol etched on the white Gem on the bow of the key with the teeth of the key in the shape of the Kanji for the Animal it belongs to ().
9. The Monkey Key Design: A ornate Black Key with A Golden Monkey as the Symbol etched on the white Gem on the bow of the key with the teeth of the key in the shape of the Kanji for the Animal it belongs to ().
10. The Rooster Key Design: A ornate Black Key with A Red Rooster as the Symbol etched on the white Gem on the bow of the key with the teeth of the key in the shape of the Kanji for the Animal it belongs to ().
11. The Dog Key Design: A ornate Black Key with A White Dog as the Symbol etched on the white Gem on the bow of the key with the teeth of the key in the shape of the Kanji for the Animal it belongs to ().
12. The Pig/Boar Key Design: Key design: A larger ornate Black Key (than the others) with A Yellow Pig as the Symbol etched on the white Gem on the bow of the key with the teeth of the key in the shape of the Kanji for the Animal it belongs to and in this case it is joined together (猪|豚). 
13. The Baron Key Design: A simple Silver Key with a symbol of a Black and Amber Hat and Cane etched onto the white gem attached to the bow of the key with the teeth of it being in the shape of an outline of a teacup sitting on a saucer. 
14. The Turtle Key Design: A Silver Key with the symbol being a etching of a turtle on a green gem (Looks like the Hamato Crest from TMNT 2012 except each separate part of the symbol is coloured according to the different Turtles Bandana Colours - Blue, Red, Orange, Purple and Cyan - ) the key and overall body design looks like a meld of 6 different Ninja Weapons 
(2 Ninjato, 2 Sai, 2 Nunchucks, 1 Bo Staff and 3 Ninja Smoke Bombs with a dual Tessen) with the teeth of the key being a Ninja Star and Kunai.
15. The Dragon Duo Key Design: A Silver key with dragons wings and other dragon features that match both Toothless and Mushu, The white gem of the key is of Toothless swirling around in the gem with Mushu acting like the rim of the gem; but the neck and body of the key and teeth looks like Toothless with his mouth open and firing out Mushu to make it look like a dragon shaped flaming bolt coming out of Toothless' mouth.

(All of the Chinese Zodiac etchings are based on the coloured etches that are on the Talismans from the Jackie Chan Adventures TV Show)

Strengths: He is a very good swordsman, has a lot of valour and resilience against pain or corruption and evil, also is a very capable in close quarter combat and is a very powerful wizard in his own right.

Weaknesses: The people he cares about being placed in a hostage situation or in great peril along with being forced to watch and do nothing while his enemy uses any cowardly advantage to win against you so his weakness would be his caring and loyal personality with friends and family being under threat.

Black Key Celestial Spirits:-

The Rat - Ninjato: Uses Weapons, Stealth and Sneak attacks that are commonly used by Ninjas as well as Black Smoke Magic, Looks like the black furred Splinter from TMNT (2012 version) wearing his usual Robes but in Black and Grey.

The Ox - Oushi: Uses his great strength and Invincible Chinese Hammer known as a Chui in coordination with his Gravity Magic which is used so as to increase the Gravitational force of a hit when used in attack, Looks like and is based on Lucy's Taurus but is completely black and wears Chinese male Kung Fu Robes in dark Blue and Black.

The Tiger - Tigress & Lei Shen: Both have a great understanding and skill in Kung Fu and fighting styles of unarmed/armed combat along with impressive physical and mental prowess, Tigress uses Light Magic, (Similar to the powers that Leo/Loke uses) while Tygro uses Lightning Magic, Tigress (My character) looks like the character Tigress from the Kung Fu Panda franchise as she wears her regular outfit but can change it on occasion to her other outfits like her white chinese robe or her golden chinese robe while Lei Shen looks like Tiger Claw from TMNT (The 2012 Version) except he still has both his eyes.

The Rabbit - Lola: Is very versatile in abilities as she is fast and agile through the use of her Extreme Speed Magic (A much more powerful form of normal Speed Magic) and can dig holes and tunnels extremely fast with her minor ability in Earth Magic and Gun Magic, Very Similar to the powers used by Virgo, she uses duel Magical Pistols as her main weapon and a large bazooka as a back up, she looks like a taller and bustier Lola Bunny from Looney Tunes (specifically the Space Jam Version) who wears knee length black denim trousers with purple and pink laced running shoes and a black and pink tube top.

The Dragon - Bahamut: He is the oldest known and most famous of Dragons to have ever lived, who after dying became the Ancient Zodiac Spirit of the Dragon and was known as 'The Dragon King' or 'The Dragon Emperor'. He has the ability to use all types of Dragon type Magic and is immune to attacks used by other Dragons or those who use Dragon Slayer Magic against him, but he mainly uses his own two personal Dragon Magic styles which are Holy Magic (Precursor to Light Magic) and Chaos Magic both of which have majorly destructive powers on a colossal scale as his two most powerful magics are Kami's Punishment (basically it is Megaflare from Final fantasy X) which is Holy Magic and Chaos Cannon that is a gigantic red and black sphere with a blue corona surrounding it that is made from the claws of Bahamut when standing up and is comparable to a 12 Kiloton Magical Nuke when it hits its target, (looks like Bahamut from FFX but has Black and Red Valefor based Wings instead of his usual wings). 

The Snake - Venomia: A mistress of Poison Magic and is immune to all poisons herself along with being able to heal and give temporary immunity to all poisons to their Master, she also has a minor power of Invisibility Magic and has great skill in transformation Magic, looks like a Giant Seviper from Pokemon when in full Reptile form and her Human Form looks a lot like Rindou Kaguyama from Shiden ~Enkan no Kizuna~ and a mix of the two in a Lamia type form with her being the about the same size as her human form but still has her tail and black scales along with other features of her Snake form, in her full Human form she uses a Black and Red Scythe that has the blade of the weapon look like the bladed tail of her Serpent form which she can channel her poison magic through its edge to poison targets as she cuts them.

The Horse - Centauri: A true Centaur unlike Sagittarius (in the Fairy Tail (Manga/Anime) who uses a wide variety of Healing Magic and Wood/Nature Magic, she wields a Long Spear of which she has strapped to her back and has two Short Swords with horse details on the pommel/guard of which she has strapped to her hips connecting to her horse portion of her body (the swords are a copy of Gúthwinë from Lord of the Rings), she also wears reddish brown leather armor on her human body but wears no helmet, she looks very much like Centorea Shianus from Monster Musume except that she has shorter hair and is not so busty as she usually looks in the Manga and Anime but still has a generously sized chest.

The Sheep - Pan: He is a half sheep half man like creature (very much like a faun from folklore except he is not part goat) he uses Musical Magic which is channeled through his two flutes, one is used for making enemies fall into a deep sleep whenever they hear the flute being played or awakening allies from unconsciousness (it looks like a long flute much like a recorder but has to be used sideways) and the other is a pan flute which is much like his namesake and is used for many purposes like those who hear the music from it are given a magic boost and power upgrade (allies only) or to help calm those of extreme angst, insanity or intense negative emotions. He looks like Mr Tumnus from Narnia except he has more sheep like features and white wool/hair.

The Monkey - Sun Wukong: He is a human like Monkey with many features of a monkey but with a human face, he is a proficient fighter and avid prankster who uses a variety of magics to confuse and disorient his foes while supporting his Master (he is heavily based on the character the Monkey King from the many adaptations and stories of Journey to the West), he wields a long ornate golden staff as his weapon of choice. He looks like the Monkey King character in the Movie 'The Forbidden Kingdom'.

The Rooster - Cockcrow: Is a large Anthropomorphic Rooster who has the ability to levitate himself and others too also he has a powerful magic called Sound Magic which he channels through his voice with varying uses but his most used and favourite spell/attack is his 'Sonic Crow' which is a devastating force of sound that can literally tear things apart if used in front of something or someone. He is based on Kickin Hawk from Ben 10 Omniverse except he doesn't have the green metal parts and his mask is red instead of green.

The Dog - Inubus: A tall and armoured Dog like being who wears Samurai Armour and wields a dog/wolf themed Katana and Wakizashi along with other Samurai Weapons like the Yumi bow and the Yari or Naginata, he uses a combination of Speed, Sword and Wind Magic with a minor ability in Requip Magic to switch from his full armour outfit to his Japanese feudal robes (A Hakama or Kamishimo that is a mix of light blue, grey and black) where he only uses either his Katana or a Tanto as a weapon. He looks very much like Anubis Cruger from Power Rangers SPD; and his name is a combination of Anubis and the Japanese word for Dog ('Inu'), his Katana and Wakizashi is based on his Shadow Sword while his Tanto has an etching of a dog at the base of the blade just after the Habaki (Blade Collar).

The Boar/Pig - Hamutai: A large and well muscled Anthropomorphic Boar/Pig who has great Defensive Magic, Physical Endurance and Resistance to injury, he has the appearance and outfit of a smiling monk in Shaolin Robes of red and gold. He looks like Chien-Po from Disney's Mulan but with Pig features and is partially based on the companion of the Monkey King from Journey to the West (Zhu BajieWuneng).

Silver Celestial Key Spirit:- 

The Baron - A Anthropomorphic cat that is fairly efficient in combat but also well knowledgable and cunning, he is polite and acts like a gentlemen with a calm almost serene look about himself, he likes tea (lots of Cream and no Sugar) and it can replenish himself and his Summoners magical energy as he can make a full english tea set appear out of nowhere or create a single cup of tea for himself, he wears a black Victorian suit and top hat of which he makes disappear and reappear when he wants to, he also is a very good dancer, knows Baritsu/Bartitsu and is proficient with his Black Cane Sword/Swordstick/Shikomizue in swordplay to which he uses his array of fencing skills and attacks to defeat his opponent, he looks very much like Baron Humbert von Gikkingen from the Studio Ghibli films 'Whisper of the Heart' & 'The Cat Returns' but he can switch his suit, hat and cane to be mostly black and white instead his normal cream or beige coloured suit and outfit with the other coloured bowtie, vest and cane. His personality is a mixture of Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler Anime/Manga and The Barons attitude in the movies while he shows some quirks similar to Sherlock Holmes like his deductive and logical reasoning which can assist him in his fights if he has to fight hand to hand or paw to paw.

The Turtles - 5 Anthropomorphic Turtles in light Ninja garb, each uses a different weapon and has a different coloured Bandana around their eyes (
Blue, Red, Orange, Purple and Cyan) which correlates to the different turtles names (Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello and Venus); they each work very well with the Rat Zodiac Key who is apparently their Teacher and Master of Ninjitsu/Ninjutsu. They are all based on the TMNT group from the franchise itself with Venus being added because I like her as it adds a little feminine touch to the usual All Male TMNT Group. They each use a minor amount of magic as Leonardo uses Speed and Reflexes which are enhanced by his magical power in accordance with his swords, Raphael uses Magically enhanced strength and CQC to fight with his main weapons - his Sai's - Michelangelo uses misdirection to deal with enemies with Magical traps and the use of his Nunchucks to easily defeat his opponents, Donatello uses his staff and vast intellect along with his wisdom to defeat his opponents while also using wind magic to add extra cutting power to his usual blunt weapon and Venus uses her talents in trickery and mastery of hiding with the uses of her magical bombs that can be for different uses like smoke and explosions or she fights when cornered or seen through the use of defence with her duel Tessen of which can be combined into a bladed disk that can act like a boomerang.

Night Fury/Mushu - Two dragons that can be used for different purposes as they are summoned by the intent of the user of the key, if you wish to use a Dragon for combat and battles then you will summon the Night Fury known as Toothless of whom you can ride on and use as a aerial fighter with his long range fire-blasts and fire breath as is typical of this dragon breed; if you want something small and easy to carry but with a bit of power then the little dragon known as Mushu is what you need as he can blast a multitude of flaming balls at once much like a machine gun and is so small that he can hide and be used as a sneak attack if an opponents back is turned. They are the two young deciples of Bahamut.


Hope you like it and you will see it soon, if anyone wants to create a picture or painting of the character, his keys, rings or spirits for my Fanfiction then please send me a message to ask me if you can, also I will not allow anyone to use my OC for their own work, if I find out that you did then you will find me very angry with you all.


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